Throne Room

You rendered heaven

The veil was torn in two

You gave us Your spirit

Now we are close

Closer than we think

Creation is groaning

Longing for the unseen

Here in this moment

Eternity’s close

Closer than we think


What are they singing

What is it like

You are surrounded with thunder and light

Everything in us the longing the ache

To join with the heavens the anthem of praise


Holy, Holy 


The train of His robe

Filling the temple

The elders and angels

All bowing down 

Casting their crowns

The lamb who was slain

You are the risen king

Jesus our Savior

Alpha omega

End and beginning


Lion of Judah the One on the throne

The only One worthy to open the scrolls

You’ll split the heavens

and come for Your bride 

Fulfill all You promised

With fire in Your eyes


Blessing and honor and glory and power

Belong to You alone

Blessing and honor and glory and power 

Belong to You, Belong to You

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