Open Letter (Battlefield)

I really appreciate ya’ll comin’ out to pray with me man
My heart’s just been real heavy here lately man
I got a stack of letters here and I thought we should read a couple of ’em
And pray at the end, so I got one right here from Atlanta, it says:

Dear KB,

What’s goin’ on it’s Ashley from the show,
That you was doin’ with Trip Lee
The Crew and the Spirit was movin’ man it was really dope
When y’all left the A, I was so encouraged in the faith
And I blessed the Lord for HGA
I wanna start this off by sayin’ thanks

(There’s a battle goin’ on)
But lately, I’ve had this struggle with:
Secrets of my past in the past five years of singleness
(I know it) I’m lustin’ I’m sinnin’ but my lust here is different
Since I’ve been so alone I kinda long for the touch of a woman

(There’s a battle goin’ on)
And I know it’s wrong, but dudes never ever show me attention
I go unnoticed, it was a joke but girls show me interest
Dudes at my church say that I’m the type of chick that they want (they lie)
But when I see the girl they date I know they really don’t
I get jealous quick I hate the mirror I don’t feel pretty
I’ve even contemplated surgery to feel skinny
I know it’s real silly, the world tells me just embrace it – you were born this way (that’s a lie, it’s just lust)

I tried talking to the people at church but they just look at me funny only adding to the hurt
Now I’m torn ’cause the other day I stumbled over porn I’m supposed to be a leader man how can I move on? I know (this is a lie)
That’s why I’m comin’ to you prayin’ I’m prayin’ that you can pray for you sister to make it through
I’m crying as I write ’cause I wanna be right
Many girls have fallen and I don’t wanna fall too

There’s a war inside my heart and mind every day I fight it
So make me align to the truth and rely on your Spirit inside me
(It’s time to make) war war war war war war ’cause life is a battlefield
War war war war war war ’cause life is a battlefield

Dear KB,

We’re big fans of yours me and my lady
When you came to the show we was in the front row screamin’ one one six goin’ crazy all for the HGA, was a crazy night
What’s even crazier is the girl I was datin’ then is fiance, now I’m engaged to her
The words that you left man rocked us so I went and got her left hand rocked up
But if I could be honest I’m tryin’ hard to abstain and not get her knocked up
Of course I want kids, but even more than that I wanna please the Father
But when I look into her eyes I can’t concentrate man I can’t even lie I wanna consummate

She’s the one I’m sure, but I wanna stay pure
Scary the way that I’m yearning for her
Gettin’ married but I’m burnin’ for her
Hard for me to wait till she walk in that aisle
Down in a white gown, I’m thinkin’ night gown, man I wanna do it right now
Why wait when I feel like she my wife now?

The way that I’m feelin’ is natural, but KB is it godly?
Is it wrong lust, or strong love that’s feelin’ inside for wifey?
Honor the Lord in datin’ her
Wanna do the same in waitin’ but this temptation’s a beast please pray for us


Trip Lee:
Dear God,

We come in His name
The slain and risen Who’s runnin’ this thing
Christ the Lord, the one who can bring
Healin’ the hurts of the ones that He claims
We think we got nothin’ to gain
By clingin’ to Christ the love of the King
But He was under the same
Tempted and hurt He’s accustomed to pain

Though they feel it feel it
Pain but they joy can kill it kill it
Feelin’ like life been pillaged
Can I please intercede for a minute
This is
Not out of Your grasp
Your grace can shake, Your power can smash
I pray this hour and ask
Allow them to see Your power surpass

That sin devour their past
Drowning with mercy, shower them fast
Give ’em the faith to follow the Father
He’s Abba, Your Honor, please swallow the trash

Dear Lord, you were never gone
You promised You’d make ’em forever strong
Your arm isn’t short, it is very long
Make ’em like Christ, You get ’em home


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