The Ballerina Song

Turn out the lights
leave me alone
for in my darkness I have found a home
all by my self
here in the cold
but in my solitude I will search my soul
I want some one to look at me
not what I am what I can be
there’s just so much a heart can take
and then there’s nothing left to break
there in the light blinded by fame
I was the brightest star and they all knew my name
I danced and danced
they wanted more
and every night they laid there roses at my door
I loved the way they looked at me
when I was all that I could be
I gave my all to all who came
will I ever be the same
covered with dust
just in the way
what I could give if I could dance my pain away
I’d close my eyes
get lose in time
till I could find the hidden place here in my mind
where I will wait till I can see some one who loves me just for me

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