Have What You Want

Intro: J. Drew Sheard II
Yo Ki, it’s your boy, Young Drew, I want to tell the people not to give up, ya know, so talk to them.

Verse 1 – Kierra
Were you ever at a point where you felt like you wasn’t gonna make it?
You don’t have to answer! Cause we all had to deal with it, it was like every day you had a fit.

Did you ever have a situation where you just wanted to flip the script?
Yeah, me too, things got crazy, my people started acting shady.

But it was actually reality, I realized that it was the enemy, he had my people hating me.

And the crazy thing about it is, I hadn’t even made it to my destiny,
You know, where I’m supposed to be.

And I was like, “Wait a minute,
Are you knocking me?”
And then my brother said to me:

Rap J. Drew II
Yo imagine how it is, when you get where you’re supposed to be, the haters come knocking at the door, they see you blessing me.

So don’t stress, Kee.
So just keep, keep, keep pressing, everybody put your hands in the air, here’s the message, yeah!

Don’t let them ever get to you
You can have what you want, be what you want, have what you want, be what you want. X2

Verse 2 – Kierra
You may not understand why, It took me so much time. But You had to realize, I couldn’t just run, I had to walk my way through a storm to get to be a newborn.

I was determined to get to a place that was closer to Him, but my main focus was them.

When I had to go through that stage, where I was rebellious.
My conscience wouldn’t let me listen, so I had to learn to listen to get to my blessing.


You were looking for manifestation
And the enemy locked you in, but God has a unique way of taking You to your destination.


Have What You Want Video

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