(feat. Mars Ill)

(Verse 1)
Why is it more that things change the more they stay the same?
Why do old people drive slow in the fast lane?
Why is it when I grab the mic you stare at me strange?
Why’s every time I eat I get my shirt stained? (dang!)
Wassup Tremaine, what, your name’s Wayne?
Dang man, why can’t I just remember people’s names?
All the same there’s a question in my mind
Why do I have to wait in line just to wait in another line
And when I think I’m done I gots to do it one more time?
Why oh why am I always stuck behind
The lady who has writes a check in the express check out line?
Excuse me miss, it’s 10 items not 99
Why do most rappers they just spit the same rhymes?
Why do girls go to the bathroom at the same time?
Why when something’s wrong I just say I’m fine?
But why ask why when I ask it all the time?

Why is the grass green? Why’s the sky blue?
Why oh why do I do what I do?
Can you please tell me why that is cause I don’t have a clue?
Now why is that? I was about to ask you
Why am I me? and why are you you?
Why do we run in circles chasing after nothing new?
Somebody won’t you please tell me why because I haven’t got a clue?
Yo why is it my man? I was about to ask you

(Verse 2)
Why do the voices in my head get louder when I try to sleep?
Why can’t I seem to count all the leaping sheep?
I’m knee deep in distribution, retail, paperwork, and e-mail
Why can’t I afford a secretary to handle office detail?
Why are prices high, water wet, people cruel?
Why does every single record exec try to play me for the fool?
Why don’t bar stools have backs? Do they want the drunks to fall off?
And why do we have to fill up all the precious silence with small talk?
Why do all walk with our heads down and walkmans up to ten?
Are we afraid to let a stranger in every now and then?
Why do sucker emcees spit loud and claim to be the hardest
And then sit down to write their rhymes with a dictionary plus a thesaurus?
Why does the commerce strange art instead of the other way around?
I guess it’s hard to work the angles when the cipher’s always round
Why do we drown our sorrow, reach both hands out for tomorrow
When just living today is hard enough to swallow? Why?


(Verse 3)
Why do conceptual song structures cramp my style and hand alike?
Why do organized emcee battles make wack rappers grab the mic?
Why am I here, cause the instruction manual wasn’t clear?
Why does my transmission make that sound when I try to shift it’s gears?
Why is my stereo so loud? Do I want all neighbors to hear?
Am I my own street team member try to catapult my career?
Why does a dog bark, bee sting, bird sing?
But first things first, why do you burn my album with left hands on your purse string?

(Verse 4)
Why do we disrespect each other instead of loving one another?
Why do we have to focus on the skin tone and color?
Why can’t we see that we sisters and we brothers
And understand we all equal to God and plus He loves us?
Bust this. Ima say this just again and again
Why oh why can’t we all be friends?
But there’s one things I just can’t comprehend
Why do they put Braille at a drive-up ATM’s?
I guess that’s for all the car driving blind men
Why do we just hate God but really love to sin?
Really, man, shouldn’t that be just the other way around?
Why do I always have to laugh when somebody falls down?
Why do things get worse when they’re already going wrong?
Why’s customer service put me on hold for so long?
Why do you tell me to hold on when I’m already holding on?
Why can’t we all just get along?


(Verse 5)
Why does fast food take so long to get it?
Why do people fart in public and say someone else did it?
Why do you ask my opinion but get mad when I give it?
And why ask for wisdom if you ignore the Holy Spirit?
Now check the lyrics cause this might apply to you
Dude, why’s brushing your teeth just like so hard for you?
Now if your breath stank, don’t be be saying “Hi, how are you?”
If I give you a breath mint, don’t be like, “No, thank you.”
Get a clue, now tell me why your clothes is fake, too

(Verse 6)
Why do you say it’s FUBU when ya know it’s PUBU?
And why do you say yes when you really mean no?
Why do you tell me to stop when you really mean go?
Why’s the bad choice the one choice I always chose?
But in spite of how I acted, why did God love me so
Much the He would just pay the price of my soul?
But I don’t need to ask why. I already know

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Why Song Meaning

Title: Unraveling the Profound Message of KJ-52’s “Why” – A Song of Reflection and Faith


In the realm of Christian music, KJ-52 stands out as a talented rapper and songwriter. His song “Why,” featuring Mars Ill, captivates listeners with its thought-provoking lyrics and introspective message. In this article, we will delve into the meaning behind the song, explore its inspiration or story (if available), and relate it to relevant Bible verses. Let’s embark on a journey of understanding and faith as we unravel the profound message of “Why” by KJ-52.

Understanding the Meaning:

“Why” is a song that poses numerous questions about life’s peculiarities and mysteries. It delves into the human fascination with understanding the world around us and the search for purpose and meaning. With each line, KJ-52 explores the dilemmas and curiosities we all face, prompting listeners to reflect on their own experiences.

Inspiration or Story Behind the Song:

While specific details regarding the inspiration or story behind the song are not readily available, it is evident that KJ-52 drew from personal experiences and observations. The lyrics reflect the universal nature of these questions, making it relatable to a wide range of listeners. The song serves as a catalyst for introspection and encourages individuals to seek answers within themselves and their faith.

Biblical References:

The song “Why” by KJ-52 resonates with several biblical teachings and themes. Here are a few references that align with the song’s message:

1. Proverbs 3:5-6: “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” This verse encourages us to trust in God’s wisdom and guidance, even when we are faced with unanswered questions.

2. Isaiah 55:8-9: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” These verses remind us that God’s understanding surpasses our own, and we may not always comprehend His plans or reasons.

3. Psalm 119:105: “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” This verse highlights the importance of seeking guidance from God’s Word as we navigate life’s uncertainties and seek answers to our questions.

Analyzing the Lyrics:

1. Why is it more that things change the more they stay the same?
This line reflects on the perplexing nature of life, where despite apparent changes, certain aspects remain constant. It prompts us to consider the underlying reasons behind such occurrences.

2. Why do old people drive slow in the fast lane?
KJ-52 humorously touches on the peculiar behavior of older individuals driving slowly in the fast lane. This question reminds us not to judge others based on surface-level observations, as there may be underlying factors we are unaware of.

3. Why’s every time I eat, I get my shirt stained?
This line highlights the frustration of constantly experiencing minor mishaps and the humor in everyday situations. It serves as a reminder to find joy even in the midst of life’s small inconveniences.

4. Why do most rappers just spit the same rhymes?
KJ-52 reflects on the lack of originality in the rap industry, questioning why many artists tend to recycle similar themes and lyrics. This line encourages both artists and listeners to seek authenticity and creativity.

5. Why do girls go to the bathroom at the same time?
This line playfully touches on a common observation that women often visit the restroom together. It prompts us to consider the unique dynamics of human behavior and the importance of companionship.

6. Why when something’s wrong, I just say I’m fine?
This line suggests that individuals often mask their true emotions, putting on a facade of contentment rather than seeking help or expressing their struggles. It serves as a reminder to be open and vulnerable with those around us.

Relating the Song to Faith and Life:

KJ-52’s “Why” encourages listeners to ponder life’s mysteries and challenges, reminding them of their need for faith. The song urges individuals to seek answers from God, acknowledging that His wisdom surpasses human understanding. It reminds us that we are not alone in our questioning, and that God is always there to guide us.

The lyrics provoke introspection, prompting listeners to examine their own behavior, thoughts, and beliefs. It encourages us to trust in God’s plan, even when we don’t have all the answers. Through the song, KJ-52 invites us to embrace the uncertainties and complexities of life, finding solace in our relationship with God.


KJ-52’s song “Why” offers a unique blend of thought-provoking questions, introspection, and faith. It resonates with listeners who seek meaning and purpose in their lives, reminding them that it is normal to question and search for answers. By intertwining relatable scenarios with biblical teachings, KJ-52 encourages individuals to embrace their faith, seek God’s wisdom, and trust in His plan. “Why” serves as a reminder that in the midst of life’s uncertainties, God is the ultimate source of truth, guidance, and understanding.

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