Thankful For The Change

I am thankful for the change Jesus made in me
I am thankful for the day Jesus set me free
I am thankful so thankful, thankful for the change in me

VS 1
I just can’t help but tell where Jesus brought me from
Born of the spirit now I have overcome
And that old man inside of me is gone without a doubt
I’ve got to testify how Jesus brought me out.


VS 2
Nothing but Jesus blood could wash me white as snow
Old things have passed away this one thing I know
Surely His goodness and mercy brought me through
I’ve got to tell the world of what my God can do


Bridge Changed (by the power of His blood)
Changed (through His grace and love)
Changed, Changed, Changed, Changed!
Never be the same! Never be the same!


Thankful for the change, Oh what a change, thankful for the change in me!

Thankful For The Change Video

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