i hear you calling out
our ship is going down
we’re sinking and i can’t let you go
i couldn’t understand
you wouldn’t take my hand
i watched you fall into the ocean below
it’s a fight to survive
do or die and to keep it alive we got a wake up

we got to save us
so baby hang on
i’m coming after you i’m diving overboard
any moment
we could lose it
i’m jumping in for you i’m diving overboard
i’m diving overboard off the edge
i’m diving overboard i’m diving overboard i’m diving overboard

it’s all or nothing now
it’s time we figure out
or we’ll be going back and forth to the end
cause every time we touch
we fall right back in love
just to break apart like waves in the wind
out of breath
ship is wrecked
in distress but we’ll fight for what’s left

i’m rushing out coming now
take my hand
i’m reaching down don’t let go
i’ll get you home
lay you in a safety zone hold you in my arms embrace
never let it go astray storms will fade
sun will rise
baby we gone be alright
breath in breathe out
there’s still a heart beat pounding
don’t give up open your eyes

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