Can I Show You

Can I show you that I love you
More than words could ever say?
Can I tell you just your eyes
Will make me cry and make me pray?
Can I give you the gift
That He’s so freely given me?
Can I somehow make you understand
Today begins eternity?

If I fought the biggest giant
Do you think that you’d believe?
If I felled the highest wall
How much more could you receive?
If I moved the greatest mountain
With the waving of a hand
If I led you through the wilderness
Would you see the Promised Land?


Is there anything that I can do
At all to make you see?
Could I die of broken heart wounds
On a lonely Calvary?
Don’t you see that you’re that giant
You’re the mountain you’re the lost?
But His love can tell your souls’ walls
He alone has paid the cost


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