Five Smooth Stones

Have you ever faced a giant?
Standing there, he’s so defiant,
daring you…try and come on through.

I’m reminded of the story
of the shepherd boy whose glory
was renowned…for the faith he’d found.

David saw Goliath and he knew just what to do.
David didn’t wonder if the Lord would see him through.


If I had the faith of David…
any problem I would face it, knowing well…that I could not fail.
If I had the faith of David….
I’m telling you it would be great if, I lived here…never knowing fear.
And I would never worry…what the day may bring.
If I saw what God could do with five smooth stones and a sling.

Sitting there around the campfire,
David heard the giant’s laughter,
said “I’ll go…I will meet our foe.”

Wounded soldiers convalescing,
the situation so distressing,
none could see…any victory.
David didn’t understand what they were frightened for.
For David it was just another victory for the Lord.

Chorus Repeat Twice

Five Smooth Stones Video

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