Turn Loose For Nothin’

Turn loose for nothin’
Hold on to Jesus hand
If you wanna hear the angels sing
you gotta hold on for everything
and turn loose for nothin’…turn loose for nothin’

Remember ol’ Job and all his trouble.
Satan tried to give him more than he could stand.
He prayed and said “If I should die
and it’s his will I won’t ask why…”
“But I’m not lettin’ go…lettin’ go of my Gods hand.”

Chorus repeat

When the cross I bear grows heavy
and there’s no resting place to be found.
Satan tries to steer me wrong
but he can try it all day long.
I’ve carried it too far…too far to lay it down.

Chorus repeat

Chorus repeat

Turn loose for nothin’
Turn loose for nothin’
Turn loose for nothin’

Turn Loose For Nothin’ Video

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