Speak to Me

Verse 1:
How I love to hear the voice
That speaks my name
You give me faith to stand and sing
With hope again
And when I hear Your words of life
A hunger stirs like fire inside

Speak to me
Call me from the darkness
Just one word can break my heart
With what breaks Yours
Jesus, I hear You singing over me
You call my name, how sweet the sound
The voice of God

Verse 2:
When I hear my Savior’s voice
I know it’s true
That You can take a broken life
And make it new
So in Your arms, I’ll always stay
And hang on every word You say

When God speaks, nations will tremble
When God speaks, everything changes
When God speaks, we will surrender
O God, speak, whisper Your love song
O God, speak, set me on fire
O God, speak, and I will surrender

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