In Excelsis Deo

The prophets foretold of the glorious day
How the promised Messiah would come
Born by a virgin, of humble estate
The Day of Atonement would dawn

The people rejoice as deliverance nears
A lowly Babe sent to save
The immortal God now as incarnate man
The advent of grace is displayed

Gloria, Gloria
In excelsis deo
Glory to God, glory to God
In the highest

The nations concede to the kingdom at hand
As the great throne of David is claimed
The High Priest has come to atone for our sin
On Christ all our sins were laid

The Father is pleased by the work of His hand
Finding joy in His sovereignty
Immanuel comes now to reconcile man
With angelic procession we sing

(Repeat Chorus)

Fall on your knees now and worship the King
Who in our depravity came
Lift up your eyes to the wondrous light
That all generations proclaim

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

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