Though You Were Rich

Born a babe a virgin birth
My God the high and lofty One You came to earth
To be a slave servant of all
You washed my feet You took my fall

Though You were rich, you became poor
That You would die, that I might live
You poured out Your soul even to death
Taking my sin just to forgive me

Then they led you down the road
To a hill called Calvary
You took the nails in Your hands and feet
You drank the cup of wrath that was reserved for me

Laid in the ground a stone cold tomb
The wrath of God resting on You
You knew no sin yes sin became
From the foundation You are the Lamb who was slain

Up from the grave You rose again
You hold the keys of death and hell You conquered sin
You paid my debt a costly price
I know that I will be with you in paradise

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