No Longer Just Servants

No longer just servants in the house of the King,
The banquet is ready and You draw us in.
You call us to eat with You and to be
Your friends, those who love You,
Your friends, those who know You.
Oh, how can it be that I have become
A friend of the King after all that I’ve done?
A sinner in rags, now a child in Your care,
You showed me the cross and I met You there.
Your friend, one who loves You,
Your friend, one who knows You.
A servant is trusted with some secret things,
And so, how much more for the friend of a King.
No eye has yet seen, and no ear has heard
What You’ve prepared for those who love You,
What You’ve prepared for those who love You.
And I’ll sing a song for the One that I love,
You captured my heart when I met with Your Son.
And so I will live a life full of praise
For You, Lord and Shepherd,
For You, Friend and King.

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