Best Part

Verse 1

Wrapped in peace

Tied with love

With his first breath rescued us

Endless joy to the world

Lasting love so undeserved



What a gift we have in Jesus

Unending joy

Amazing love

This we know You’re still the reason

And of everything, Jesus You’re the best part


Verse 2

A son was given

A child was born

So meek and lowly, our sovereign Lord

A life laid down, surrendered crown

Oh to behold Him, is what we live for now

Just to behold Him, is what we live for now



He is worth more than silver

More precious than gold

Even more priceless than treasures untold

So we lay down our lives

Let His story unfold

Creation will praise Him

The nations behold


So here’s our worship

Here’s our love

Our surrender

Have all of us

Let us adore Him


O Christ the Lord

The Son of God

The Son of Man

The Living Word



Alle alleluia Glory to God in the Highest

Alle alleluia glory and honor forever 

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