Cross and Empty Grave

Verse 1
The mountain doesn’t have to ask for wonder
The ocean doesn’t have to beg for fear
The forest isn’t pining for its mystery
Your grace, doesn’t swoon to draw me near

It’s water for the withered and the thirsty
It’s life for the accused and condemned
It’s a path for the roaming and the rebel
It’s a pardon that replaced my dearest sin

Oh the beauty of the lord our God
Oh the gravity of grace
What a treasure is his heart of love
What a comfort that his mercy calls my name
It’s the power of a cross and empty grave

Verse 2
It’s a diamond that the earth could never forge
It’s the tender arms that welcome you back home
It’s the friend who lays his own life down for yours
It’s the maker stepping into flesh and bone
It’s Jesus, our resurrected hope

It’s giving me life
The blood of Christ
I’ll never deny
He is everything

He died and rose
And rolled that stone
So all would know
He is everything

Cross and Empty Grave (feat. Steve Davis & Jordan Colle) | SONS THE BAND & TRIBL

Cross and Empty Grave Video

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