A Father’s Song (For Misha)

Since the day that you were born and I became your daddy
I hoped someday to write for you a song?
And tho’ you know I love you so that song was never written
And in a moment all these many years have come and gone

So day by day I stood amazed at the girl you were becoming
So full of life, so sweet, so strong, so smart?
And your dear ole’ dad he never had one single day of trouble
With a child who was a joy right from the start?

Still I wish I were a Daddy who could ‘dance with Cinderella’
And I pray somehow you know— ‘I hope you dance!’
For a father finds his pleasure in his baby’s laughin’ eyes
And in her playful cries, when she’s kissed by butterflies

Every father wants to be a hero to his daughter
He’ll do anything to show her that he cares
But often best that he can do is put some food upon her table
Tuck her in and help her say her prayers?

And somehow now you stand before me such a beautiful young woman
But still inside my heart there is a fear?
That I never found a way to praise the ‘bestest daughter ever!’
(So) though I know I’m overdue, I wrote this song for you?

Your hand today I give away to the one you’ll call your husband
He’s a good man and I know he’ll love you well
(Oh) But more than that I give you to your ‘Daddy who’s in Heaven’
For He’s the one you’re trusting, on this day you say, “I do.”

And one thing I’m certain of,
Only He could have more love?
Than this Daddy has?for you.

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