Am I a barren temple left for newer ways of speaking mysteries my veils
Cannot contain?
Should I prepare to winter spans again of silent centuries pierced for only
Certain men?
What if I wake to find You’ve gone?
What if Your presence was withdrawn and I was mistaken all along to think I
Could become Your home?
It’d be no surprise to finally know that I am truly alone.
Come death but likely sooner I’ll be alone.
You moved Your temple inside our bones and it’s so hard to trust that You
Won’t move again.
For all eternity You stood with Your Father in perfect unity.
And when You walked the earth, You only went where He led.
You only spoke what He said.
So for everything You left, and all of the glory You forfeit, no matter how
Low You were sent, you still couldn’t know what it’s like to be alone.
Disgraced but You were never alone. Betrayed but You were never alone.
Tortured but still never alone and nothing is worse than being alone.
I have been thinking hard about us trading places that maybe I could wear
Your beauty if You put on my shame.
Jesus I’ve been trying so hard to look like You that I almost missed the
Worst of what I put You through.
You didn’t die for sins, You died covered in them, a prideful lying thief
Gasping out my final breaths.
For that one moment you looked just like me, so Your father left You and You
Died completely alone.
For me, You were alone.
He couldn’t bear it so He left You all alone.
No better promise than true sympathy.
You conquered death all alone.
‘Cause You’ve known the deepest of all our needs. Never again. Never alone.

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