Love So Divine (Glorious Saviour)

Behold the glory of the cross

A symbol of death now saves the lost

You walked a path of grief

You suffered for my peace

Jesus lifted high


Behold, the Lion is the Lamb

Glorious King, the great I Am

No hunger You can’t fill

No pain You cannot heal

Jesus lifted high


Oh, the love of Christ

For my sins You bled and died


Love, love so divine

Crossed the divide

Came down to save a wretch like me

Grace like a flood

Loosed in my heart

Overwhelmed my soul

I am set free


Overcome, overcome

You’ve overcome the grave

I’ll rise with You

I’ll rise with You

Glorious Saviour

You broke the bonds of death

I’ll rise with You

I’ll rise with You

Love So Divine (Glorious Saviour) Video

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