The Best Christmas Ever

We finished second in the snowball fight
But some hot chocolate made it all alright
I can finally feel my fingers
It’s gonna be the best Christmas ever
We’re gonna need a few more lights than we’ve got
‘Cause we just bought the biggest tree in the lot
Yeah we’re going all out
It’s gonna be the best Christmas ever

When the snow starts falling
Friends come calling
You can feel the love in the air
Singing Carols by the fire
Presents are piling higher
It’s your favorite time of the year
Come on let’s make this December
One to remember
A feeling we can hold on to
It’s gonna be the best Christmas ever
The best Christmas ever with you

The smell of sugar cookies fills the house
Trying to sneak a couple, but they kick me out
I can stop my diet next year
It’s gonna be the best Christmas ever
The kids are wide wake
When they should be in bed
They’re hoping to catch a peak of the man in red
If they could only see him
That would be the best Christmas ever, yeah

And me, with all our friends and family
Singing joy to the world
Love is come
Let’s light a candle
Say a prayer
Peace on earth everywhere
Come on let’s get together
For the best Christmas ever…

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