Sometimes, sometimes I’m just
Runnin’ so fast that i can’t touch the ground
I’m spinning faster than an merry go round
I find myself in the lost and found
And sometimes, sometimes I’m just
Callin’ your name and I don’t know why
Holdin’ my head and cryin’ “my oh my”
Up and Down like the tide
But you’re the

Same Yesterday, and tomorrow won’t change all your
excellent ways
Same yesterday, and tomorrow won’t change all your
excellent ways

Sometimes, sometimes I’m just
Being so good I can hardly stand it,
Everything goes like I planned it
Hold that though while I get candid
Sometimes, sometimes I jump
Outta of the pan, into the fire
Get my foot stuck in the mire
Lord you must get tried but you’re the . . .


You’re the alpha,
The omega,
The beginning,
And the end
You’re my father,
You’re my brother
You’re like no other
My best friend


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