Fatal Attraction

Verse 1
I don’t know why I feel these things
My heart says no but it’s so enticing.
It’s a powerful potion called temptation
And a logical drawing of pure passion.
Well I could run away I’ve got to turn my head.

It’ll leave me empty it’ll leave my spirit dead.
Oh, but I can’t help myself, I need my savior’s hand.
I’m goin’ down. I feel like I’m in quick sand.
I feel attracted to a magnetic force.
My flesh gets sucked in, blew it off course.
I feel like an apple that’s poisoned from within.
It’s a spirit of attraction that we call sin.

Pulling down on you. It’s a fatal attraction. Yeah, yeah
Tearing you in two. It’s a fatal attraction. Oh yeah!
Weakening your heart. It’s a fatal attraction.
Pullin’ on your heart – yeah
Ripping you apart. It’s a fatal attraction.

Verse 2
Feel that pull, feel that desire
When it begins the heart’s on fire.
The flesh says “go ahead, die from within?
But the spirit says “stay away from that sin!”
I got to run away. I got to turn my head.


Instrumental solo


Fatal Attraction Video

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