I’m Blessed

when i think about all that god has done
i realize —-i’m blessed

when i think about where god has brougth me from
i realize —–i’m blessed

i’m bless?i’m bless–in the city
i’m bless?i’m bless–in the field
i’m bless?i’m bless–in the going out
and i’m bless every time i come in

when i think how god brought me through
i realize—-i’m bless

i make your enemy your foot stood
i realize—-i’m bless

i’m blessed—-in the city
i’m bless—in the field
i’m bless—-in the going out
i’m bless in my coming in

walk in the hospital there’s a patient in every bed
go to the funeral home?millions lying dead
that could be you or me, lying there instead
but i’m bless, i’m bless, i’m bless, i’m bless

we got drug and crime and it’s in the street
we got policeman on every coner and they’r walking their beat
bless—i’m bless
in the morning—i’m bless
bless—-i’m bless
in the evening—-i’m bless
bless—i am bless
yes i am—-i am bless

we got war cloulds hanging over our head
so many children don’t even have within
they got no shoes on their feet
i’m bless. i’m bless, i’m truly bless

could have been your boy that was shoot and kill last night
bout i want to tell you thank you lord you made everything alright
bless—bless—i’m bless
bless—bless?i’m bless
bless—bless—i’m bless
sho nuff i’m bless
oh yeah—i am bless

when i look at the man who have no eyes to see
i realize—i’m bless

when i think about how good he’s been to you and me
i realize—i’m bless

i’m blessed-i’m bless—in the city
i’m bless-truly bless–in the field
i’m bless-i’m bless—in the going out
i’m bless in my coming in

i’m bless
i’m bless
i’m bless
i’m bless
i’m bless
i’m bless
i’m bless
i’m bless
yes i am blessed

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