Song of the Beautiful Bride

There is a noise
There is a sound
There is a cry from the depths of our hearts
Heaven come down

Will not be silenced
Can’t be contained
The cry of a people, a priesthood, a nation
Called by Your name

Out of the darkness
Redeemed from the night
Bathed in His glory
Reflecting His light
Oh what a beautiful Bride

From every nation
From every tribe
Clothed with His righteousness
Fully alive
Hear the song of the beautiful Bride

Oh what a mystery
How great the love
Goes to the broken, the orphan, the chosen
Making us one

And under His hand
United we stand
Bearing the goodness, the beautiful mercy,
Of how great I AM
How great and marvelous
Are all Your deeds
Nations will come
And bow down at Your feet
Glory to You Lord of all
King of all kings

Hear the song of Your bride
Lover of my soul
Dance with me

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