Shadow of El-Shaddai

Verse 1:

Here in Your strength we will hide

Under Your wings we will find our peace

Surely You’ll bear us up, we will not fall

Surely You’ll carry us, El Elyon


You are our refuge, faithful in all Your ways

We look to You for rescue and are saved 


We will hide in the shadow of El-Shaddai                

And dwell in the secret place of God Most High        

We’ll abide in the shadow of El-Shaddai        

In the shadow of El Shaddai    

We will hide

Verse 2:

We will not fear in the night 

(And) we will stay here by Your side always

You will deliver us from enemies You will be near to us, Elohim


There between the cherubim, underneath the Father’s wings

We’re safe from harm

Sheltered in the secret place, gathered in Your strong embrace

We’ll sing for joy

We’ll sing for joy

Performed by May Angeles and Wesley Nilsen

Written by Lynn DeShazo and Jennie Lee Riddle

Shadow of El-Shaddai Video

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