Never Leave

I’m so sold on the narrow road
It’s more than just, hip style and rock’n roll
But it seems this life gets harder every d-ay

So these old clothes, have gotta go
It’s time to, break ties and free my soul
To stand the weather come whatever m-ay

So n-ow, I kn-ow
That it’s You, I n-eed
No denying, I’ve been dying
Just to know, You’ll b-e, here forever never ever gonna l-eave
Wh-oa-oah wh-oah never gonna l-eave

I’ll be in to the very end I’m gona dive, inside with all I am to kn-ow You better than I’ve ever, dreamed of it
And I’ll be proud, to shout out loud of all I, wanna live and sing about
To know You better come whatever, m-ay
So n-ow, you’ve g-ot to know

And n-ow, you’ve g-ot to know
Never ever gonna leave

Never Leave Video

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