Verse 1
I have a picture of Esther and David
She is a young bride and he is a soldier
They didn’t know then that David was dying
They wouldn’t have children

Verse 2
Alone with a life time, Africa called
She went for the first time, it grew in her heart
All of the children, all of those children

Now Esther has 2.4 million children
She writes us and asks us to pray for them all

She’s compelled, she’s compelled by what she’s seen
And she tells us, she tells us do anything you can
To help, oh please help, there’s so much to do
And I’m just Esther

Verse 3
She visits her homeland, she fights with her words
She comes to the courts of the kings of the earth
Who don’t understand their inherited power
To answer her question

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Esther Song Meaning

Title: Esther by Sara Groves: A Call to Compassion and Advocacy

Esther by Sara Groves is a beautiful and thought-provoking song that resonates with the heart of compassion and advocacy. With heartfelt lyrics and a captivating melody, the song transports listeners to a place of empathy and challenges them to take action. In this article, we will explore the meaning behind the song Esther, its inspiration or story, and the Bible verses that it relates to.

1. The Story behind the Song:
While there is limited information available about the specific inspiration behind the song Esther by Sara Groves, it is clear that the song draws from the biblical story of Queen Esther. In the Bible, Esther was a young Jewish woman who became queen of Persia and used her position to save her people from a genocidal plot. Her courage and faith in God’s providence serve as a powerful example of how one person can make a difference.

2. The Meaning of the Song:
The song Esther by Sara Groves captures the essence of Esther’s story and expands it to encompass the universal call for compassion and advocacy. The lyrics paint a picture of Esther and David, a young bride and a soldier, who face uncertainty and challenges. They are unaware of the impending tragedy that David is facing, and their inability to have children adds to their burden.

The song then shifts to focus on a woman named Esther who has a deep connection with Africa and its children. She is moved by the plight of the children she encounters there and becomes an advocate for their well-being. The chorus expresses Esther’s dedication and urgency to address the needs of the children, calling on others to join her in making a difference.

3. Bible Verses Related to the Song:
a) Esther’s example of courage and advocacy: The biblical story of Esther serves as the foundation for the song. Esther’s bravery in approaching the king on behalf of her people is a testament to her faith and determination. The song echoes this call to action and encourages listeners to follow Esther’s example by using their voices and resources to help those in need. (Esther 4:14)

b) God’s heart for the vulnerable: Throughout the Bible, we see God’s heart for the vulnerable and marginalized. He calls His people to care for the widows, orphans, and the oppressed. The song Esther reminds us of this biblical mandate, urging us to respond with compassion and advocate for justice. (James 1:27, Proverbs 31:8-9)

c) The power of prayer: The song mentions Esther’s request for prayer. Prayer is a vital element in supporting those who are on the frontlines of advocacy and compassion work. It is through prayer that we seek God’s guidance, strength, and provision as we stand alongside those in need. (Ephesians 6:18)

4. The Call to Compassion and Advocacy:
Esther by Sara Groves serves as a powerful call to compassion and advocacy. Through its poignant lyrics, the song stirs the hearts of listeners, inviting them to step outside their comfort zones and engage with the world’s most pressing issues. The song reminds us that we all have a part to play in creating a better world for those who are suffering.

The character of Esther, both in the biblical story and the song, serves as a reminder that one person can make a significant impact. It encourages individuals to use their unique gifts, talents, and resources to advocate for justice, care for the vulnerable, and bring hope to those in need.

5. Related Keywords:
– Compassion and advocacy
– Esther by Sara Groves
– Biblical inspiration
– Queen Esther
– Making a difference
– Empathy and action
– Caring for the vulnerable
– Faith in action
– Prayer and intercession
– Social justice

Esther by Sara Groves is a song that resonates with the heart of compassion and advocacy. Inspired by the biblical story of Queen Esther, the song calls listeners to take action, just as Esther did, on behalf of those in need. By reflecting on the meaning behind the song and the biblical references it relates to, we are encouraged to embrace our role in caring for the vulnerable, standing up for justice, and making a tangible difference in the world around us. Let the song Esther be a reminder of the power of one person’s courage and faith to bring about transformative change.

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