Fully Surrendering

This is my prayer, God

What I’m believing for

The dreams You’ve given to me

Reveal Your open doors

I want Your will, God

So help me to understand

The only way to find it

is give You what I have

You can have it

You can have it all

Every part of me is Yours

Oh I believe every Word You speak

You are my victory

So I’m fully surrendering

Oh I receive what Your promise keeps

You never give up on me

So I’m fully surrendering

This is your plan, God

What I’m created for

By seeking first Your Kingdom

I’ll see Your world restored

Here is my life, God

Come finish what You began

Cuz when I choose surrender

Your freedom meets me there

In every season

Through every trial

Teach me how to trust Your ways

Show me who You are

Less of my worries,

More of You, Lord

Teach me how to trust Your Word

Let my faith arise

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