Won’t Stop Singing

Speak the truth I’ll listen to you
What you say won’t come back empty
Show the way I’m following You
I’m gonna trust You know what I need

Oh You’re the one I’m talkin ‘bout
Oh I’ll sing until my lungs give out

My worship don’t stop at the sky, I won’t stop singing
My praises touch the heart of God, You love to hear it
All the noises in the world, can’t take my faith away
My praises touch the heart of God, I won’t stop singing.

You’re the king I’m bowing to You
Trade the world for a kingdom heartbeat
No regrets I’m following You
You’re the best thing I could say yes to

Oh, I want what you’re looking for
Oh, a people that‘ll change the world

Even when my fear is getting loud
(I won’t stop singing)
Even when my world is upside down
(I won’t stop singing)
Even when the dark is all around
(I won’t stop singing)
Imma find the faith to sing it out
(I won’t stop singing)

Songwriters: Dan Rivera, David Ryan Cook, Sydney James, Kenzie Walker, Justin Amundrud

Won’t Stop Singing Video

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