I Look Up

Verse 1
When I look all around me
And all I can see
Are my mountains of failure and sin
I will hope in the One
Crucified in my place
Jesus Christ the Redeemer of men

I look up to the Cross
Where I see my Sin-Bearer
Hanging there in deepest agony
I look up to the Cross
Where Your cleansing blood flows
And I feel a great weight lift from me

Verse 2
When I’m standing accused
And I’m guilty as charged
And I’ve nothing that I can defend
I will trust in the righteousness
Given to me
By Jesus my Savior and Friend

Verse 3
When I measure my heart
By Your holy decrees
All my motives and deeds I despise
I will claim all Your sacrifice
Purchased for me
By Your death I will stand justified

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