Lamb of God


O Lamb of God, all worlds obeyed Your will 

From dark and void their being came 

O Lamb of God, Your glories echo still 

Creation sings its Maker’s praise 

Eternal God, One with the Father 

Before all time You dwelt in love 

Eternal God, unlike all others 

Yet You descended unto us


O Lamb of God, in filthy manger lay 

In humble dress You entered earth 

O Lamb of God, Creator bows to save 

The needy ones, helpless from birth 

Incarnate Word, gift of the Father 

To take our place and bear our sin 

Incarnate Word led to the slaughter 

You conquered death and rose again


O Lamb of God now reigning on the throne 

The Judge of all, faithful and true 

O Lamb of God, You’ll make Your power known 

When all Your foes receive their due 

Victorious King, when history’s fading 

You’ll call Your Bride to take her place 

Victorious King, Creation’s waiting 

For Your redeemed to see Your face

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