My Turn Now

Well it’s my turn now
My turn now
Hey, my turn to give my life away

I close the book and I shake my head
Sometimes I can’t believe the things I’ve read
I don’t deserve what He did for me
Hey, hey
He gave His love and His life away
And now He’s asking me to do the same
So I’m gonna give Him all I am
And all I ever hope to be ’cause

It’s my turn now
Well it’s my turn now
My turn to give my life away

I open up the book and look again
I read the stories of the faithful men
Who gave up all they had to follow Him
Yeah, yeah
He used the strong and He used the weak
He even gave the timid words to speak
He called whoever listened then
And now His call goes out again


My turn to say “I love Him”
My turn to let Him know
My life is His, so where He leads me that’s where I will go

Chorus Accapella

My Turn Now Video

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