The Beauty of Dreams

Verse 1
Yeah, yeah
I been living my dream
At 27 whippin’ hits up in the kitchen, boy I do it for the team
Been around the world and back, I’m blessed to see the things that I’ve seen
Living better than I’ve ever been
Devil on me, I won’t let him in
God showed me He had a bigger plan
Okay now, this here that drip wit’ the sauce
This here that talk it, I walk it, I been ’bout it, dawg
They listen in when I talk
Demons all around me schemin’, they plot on my fall
But I have risen the bar
Put everything that I am, nothing short of my all
They cannot ride on my wave
I hit the gas ever since I was saved, yeah
I do this ’til the death of me
Since I was a kid I knew greatness was somethin’ that I would amount to eventually
And now that it’s here, I feel that the pressure that’s on could be getting the best of me
Anxiety lying inside of me
Depression done got a boy stressin’
I feel like giving up when it’s setting in
But on the real, I been working like Letterman
Late nights, ain’t no sleep wit’ the pen again
Takin’ flights to new cities we killin’ it
Packin’ out venues wit’ words and a pencil, I know it’s crazy
Tell em’ “Leh Get It” when I’m in the building
I ride for my people and die for the realest
‘Cause ain’t no more fear when you know you forgiven, yeah

Home, home
Home, home
‘Pon the Second City

Verse 2
Yeah, welcome to my life, road to His glory, writing through my pain
Despite all the shame, see it in me, I’ve invited all who came
Yeah, so many pedals left scarred, beaten, bruised up
But I rose from the bottom, His grace and His mercy
Where’d I be without it?
A young bull with a heart of a lion
5’9″ but I feel like Goliath
Underrated but finesse wit’ the finest
Get it, flip it, we don’t stop wit’ the grindin’
Politickin’, we don’t do that where I live
Real be the only way to define it
I had to trust God wit’ the timin’
Perfect wit’ it and if I can be honest
I done seen things in this game
That would make a sane man stray
Pray for me, got a wife now
On the road more than home
Rockin’ all these crowds
Wondering if all the sacrifices
That I’m making just to make it payin’ off
Lately my career been taking off
And I really can’t afford to take a loss
The father got me focused on the cross
All mission, dog wit’ it
Bar spittin’, God given, ooh
I let the tunes talk they be hard hittin’, yeah
Ayy, was told the sky is the limit so go and achieve
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of dreams

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