Straight Up Psycho

Cause Ima straight up pyscho sick in the head
Lynchin them
Demons wit a bat
Cause them Christians understand I be that
Straight up pyscho
Lynchin them demons wit a bat, rat ta
Tat tat
Goes my gat, when I be pushin up
On that
Trigger that be on my steel
And thats for real, I be
Knockin them demons out like Holyfield
Well buck buck buck,
Yea them demons be gettin struck
Cause a demon tried to do
My wrong
He’s lyin to me tryin to tell me
Jesus didn’t love and He wasnt real
So I stole up on
His grizill
I got up on my knees and startin
That demon wit a spiritual prayer
Just like in the rugged
Rhyme sayer *mixing sounds*
Demons try to step they get
Struck on the dome
Or grill so chill before I get bucked
Cause Ima straight up pyscho kinda like Micheal
Myers, I’m eatin up the devil like Dryer’s ice
If you know what I mean
And I got a bald head
Just like Mr. Clean
Cause I’m clean from the sin
Got the Holy Ghost within
My soul, so I won
The blood of the Son
Was shed and red so that we can be
Now I be slayin them sucka demons like a turkey on
Word is bomb, I broke the devil’s arm
So ring the alarm, I conquered demons just like Babalon
Conquered Judah, I don’t praise buddah, don’t smoke
That huddah
And like Das Effects I’m comin straight
From the sewer
Who knewa, stuff that I had last year wit no
I step up to that demon and I beat him down
Wit a
Rugged sound comin straight from the underground
Demons dry
To strike, I peel their cap


Like that when I got my strap
So whats it to ya, boo ya
Another demon got blasted
And now its time to get
Like Jurrasic Park, demons try to creep in the
But what they don’t know is that I be waitin
Around the corner
Wit my heater, down to beat a
Demon til he’s screamin and afraid
Demons can’t
Fade cause I got my King James switch blade
In my hand,
Jaded that be B I B L E
The Basic Instructions Before
Leavin this planet
And like Janet, Jackson God is in
So act like ya know
That I be that knick knack
Paddy wack
Pyscho dog T-Bone, buckin demons upside the
Wit the chrome, cause I’m that lunatic from
And I’m still down wit E-Dog and Bisco
Loud up the clip and spray
I smoke demons and leavin em in
An ash tray
Cause I’m that brother that really
Don’t care
Got no hair, go ahead and dare
Me to
Put in work, those demons are hurt
I’m be doin dirt,
Cause when it comes to demons I’m steamin
So I’m
Down to catch a body if the body be the devil’s
The bass and treble, yo I’m takin it to a higher level
Mutalatin demons when I’m on the mic I’ll
Shoot em wit my riffle
Cause Ima


I don’t know how to act, cause I’m goin insane
In the brain
This is one lunatic that they can’t
Cause Ima pyschopathic latin causin racket
Demons couldnt calm me wit a straight jacket
Packin the
Bible every single day of my life
Cause 1 2 3, the
Devils’ after T
Bone on the micra-phone
So I pray pray pray
Til my hair turns grey
I turn away
From sin and chose a path thats narrow
Duckin and dodgin
The devil’s arrows
That he be throwin in my
Put my protection is in Jesus Christ
So I do
Not need a gang or a crew
So whacha gonna do
Cause the
Devils’ after you
Patna, yeah

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