Pleasing Him

Helping souls
Feeding the hungry
Taking care of those in need
Faithful works
Did you ever consider
The reason behind all of these?

Do we give them bread
Just to take care of their hunger?
Do we help the poor
Just because it is good?
Are the faithful works
Just to make us feel better?

What’s the bottom line?

Pleasing Him, pleasing Him
We make that our goal
A greater aim has no one
Nor has there ever been
So we make it our goal to please Him

Watching your tongue
Trying to be selfless
Raisin’ children in the light
Keeping your word
Loving your neighbor
Why should we be living right?

Do we keep our words pure
To keep down the pollution?
Live the golden rule
‘Cause it’s nice to do?
Are we telling the truth
For the feeling it gives us?

What’s the reason for it all?

Repeat Chorus

Why does your heart
Seem to be troubled?
Lost within a world of aims
We should all turn back
To our solid foundation
How good and simple it remains

In the church
Most the time on time
Tryin’ to keep our list of goals
Tellin’ the lost
But are they perceivin’
The motivation in our souls?

Do we go to the church
So nobody will call us?
Are we sharing our faith
‘Cause it’s what we’re told?
Do we know for ourselves
Without any reservation
What’s the purpose that we hold?
What is the purpose that we hold?

Repeat Chorus

So we make it our goal to please Him
Pleasing Him
Make it our goal to please Him
We make it our goal
We make it our goal
Make it our goal
Pleasing Him

Pleasing Him Video

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