Father Forgive Them

(Prelude: The Ambassador)
Yeah, yeah, yeah… I hear what they sayin
They really not sayin’ nothin.’
Finite man, rebellin’ against infinite God…
That don’t even sound right

‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do
Father forgive them for they know not what they do’
For disregarding what is true, lovin’ sin instead of you
‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do’

(The Ambassador)
Heaven presents another smash hit for Jesus
He keeps you rockin’ when we’re droppin’ phat masterpieces
We’re on the side of the God who’s been rejected
The One who took flesh, died, but who’s resurrected
Jesus, the full Godhead manifested
Grace and peace to all those chose and elected
Check it, but on the real things aren’t chill as they seem-why?
Cash seems to make mad people blaspheme
That’s what the ill deed that man’s greed leads to
It’s got you bitin’ that hand that feeds you
He’s grieved to the heart, bone, and the marrow
All because God gets more respect from the sparrow
Jesus died for men, but who wants to live with Him?
Can’t stand Him they want the mammon, the Benjamins
And if it’s men then it’s within
The natural in the live of life of unrestricted sin
Huh, sounds fun but like a hand and a gun
Sin and death go together like Sanford and Son
So this plan is done. It’s not hard to hear squads
Talk hard and live like they don’t fear God
Plus we’re in the era of the “Human Superstar,”
But no matter who they are they fall tryin’ to pull a “coupe de tat”
Answer me, how can this be sensible?
Man tryin’ to overthrow God the invincible?
Learn this principle that I’m droppin’
God’s omnipotent, omnipresent, He’s omniscient and sovereign
That’s the first lesson now in this session from my crew
We need forgiveness, we know not what we do

‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do’
For puffin’ blunts, and pullin’ stunts, and drinkin’ brew
For the criminal acts done by criminal crews

Father forgive them for they know not what they do’
For disregarding what is true, lovin’ sin instead of you
‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do’

(The Phanatik)
I’m more than fascinated by the facets of creation and nature
I’m infatuated by the facts and attributes of my Creator
I wager this world don’t even know His name
And those who do they treat it like growin’ pains
And go insane when it’s mentioned-feel the tension
Between God and man, I ride the land and see there’s ’nuff work to be done
Between the earth and the One who made it
Everything belongs to Him (uh huh)
So we give props through songs and hymns just like David
But once again the sons of men have formed a pact
Another culture without God is on the map
Lord, I apologize for all the guys
Who go one way when you clearly say otherwise
‘Father forgive them’ for they don’t know your plan
Who can stop your motion or even slow your hand?
No one can!
But still this world they want to have a face off
With the soon coming King who’s runnin’ things like a racehorse
They pace off ten steps, turn and shoot
Haven’t even learned the route and to boot
Swearin’ they can make it straight to God
But wait the odds are stacked up against the man
Whose back is against the God whose hand rules the land
But ahh (ahh), what a relief to have my plan reversed
No longer am I down with planet Earth, where man is first
The actual fact was I was born with the natural knack cuz
To put God in the back and that’s backwards
Truthfully, I now belong exclusively
To the club where God is no longer where He used to be
Stop the mutiny, save the eulogy
Christ ain’t dead my naka
He’s livin’, I often pray…


(The Ambassador)
You wanna please the judge, please Jesus ’cause He’s it
That’s most definite I represent like I believe it
Jesus be the Savior of every man-true dat
Our sinned, killed Him once, kill Him again, will never do that
With a crew that sticks to facts from God’s Word like glue traps
Peep the fly tunes that bring the Triune crew back
If you lack Christ you lack the realistic picture
Your view’s tainted
Then let’s repaint it with the scripture
So mentally you’ll vibe with the first century
Begin to see Christ who gave His life to save men for free
You’ll see the chains of sin (and the key)
The pains of sin (and the fee)
The names of you (and of me)
And the whole Adam family taking turns bangin’ in
Nails and thorns-you’ll see our sin that was hangin’ him
You’ll see Him raised and see the state of modern history
You’ll see the hate for God and wonder how this could be
But this to me is no mystery ’cause it’s true
We need forgiveness, we know not what we do


(The Ambassador)
Cheatin’ on taxes, for corporate crimes and malpractice
Thievin’ for excess, for even worshippin’ the Lexus
For the life of sin and bein’ proud of it, for shifty politics
for teachin’ ten year olds to pack gats wit’ the hollow tips
For the braggin,’ the Godless rappin,’ the kidnappin,’
Shootin’ and stabbin,’ for ridin’ Satan’s bandwagon


(The Phanatik(Talkin))
Ahhh, how can this be? On Your earth
Yet we have no worth ’cause we’re separated
Look at us making moves, runaway trains on our own tracks.
Only you can bring us back. Thank You Lord for Jesus Christ.
You came after us, but not like some wicked slavemaster
Coming to get a runaway slave
More Like a loving Father coming to get His runaway children
Forgive us Lord…

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