For Such A Long Time

Broken dreams, lying on the unswept floor,
Shattered memories, said you can’t take too much more.
There’s someone you need to know,
He’s our savior, He’s our Lord.
His name is Jesus.
There’s someone I want to introduce,
He says He’s been waiting for you,
For such a long time,
For such a long time now.

Long ago, He died for you and me.
You should know, His love has set you free.
I know He can ease your pain,
You just need to speak His name,
His name is Jesus.

Such a long time, He’s been waiting on your heart,
But you turn away, and it tears His heart.
For such a long time, you’ve known just what to do,
Jesus Christ, He’s been waiting on you.
He’s been waiting on you for such a long time now.

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