Life On It

Everybody needs somebody

Don’t try and fake the folly

Anytime it cuts we all bleed

Everybody got the same needs

Im standing on the hill I’d die on

So let me go and let me get my fight on

Down to my final heartbeat

Nobody gonna take what I believe


I never thought for a second

When I asked you to save me

That I’d ever be steppin’

Into the waves you can take me

To the valleys we’ve crawled

Or the peaks that we’ve run

From the blessings poured out

To me losin’ my son

You’re my way and my truth

I’m the disciple of You

Through the highs and lows

My heart will always stay true

They could put me in chains, they could lock me away

They would slay me in vain, I will always remain


I’ll put my life on it

Willing to die for it

No matter what they say

If I ever go MIA

They took my life for it

I put my life on it


Id rather live for somethin’ than to die for nothin’

Imma live for somethin’

Imma live for You


I’m trying to live my life about His business

God is in control I’m just a witness

Yeah that might just put me on a hit list

Now I’m the one outside that’s lookin’ different

So why you wanna change my world view (why, why)

I ain’t sittin’ high and judging you

Ain’t everybody sticking to their truth

I’ll stick to mine like I be freaky glued

Music video by TobyMac, Sarah Reeves performing Life On It (Audio)

Life On It Video

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